Commonly Made Mistakes as a Web Design Agency Founder


In this video, John explains five different mistakes he made when starting his web design agency and how you can avoid making those same mistakes. The first mistake is not prioritizing the few choice services that your design agency excels at. Many web design agencies focus on UX/UI design, branding, and web development. The second mistake often made is lacking internal systems and processes that allow for a good and efficient workflow within your website design company.

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Many web design companies prefer to develop their own processes, but many examples can be found online. The third mistake often made is scope creep. This is when you begin to extend your services above and beyond what they were originally agreed upon at the beginning of a project. The fourth mistake is undercharging for work. Web design rates are something you set yourself, but make sure you are charging what your work is worth. The final mistake John talks about is too many leaders. Make sure your company hierarchy is communicated appropriately so that people know who to go to with questions and concerns. This will prevent any confusion internally among your employees.