Keep Up With the Fast-Moving Marketplace by Upgrading to Electronic Billing Systems


Electronic billing system

A recent survey of 5,000 American adults by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), found that the majority of Americans prefer online billing to other traditional, and generally slower, options. In fact, 62% said that they prefer accessing their billing statements online rather than getting statements in the mail. As a result, businesses who want to provide the best customer experience will have to make electronic billing systems a priority. In most cases, investing in utility billing software is the best way to do that. Good programs will allow businesses to not only make billing the billing process more convenient for customers, but also stay better organized.

Every consumer is different, but the NACHA survey was pretty conclusive in discovering why people preferred online billing. Half said that they preferred paying bills online because it helped reduce the amount of clutter in their home while 49% actually said they liked saving paper and, in turn, helping to preserve the environment. Of course, paying online is faster and more convenient, which everyone who pays bills regularly can agree with. The fact that there are so many reasons why consumers don’t want to get paper statements and send checks through the mail helps to emphasize the fact that every business owner should install utility billing software.

Generally speaking, doing so will help businesses improve their relationship with customers, helping to build a more loyal customer base. Electronic billing can reduce the need for questions and phone calls that stem from consumer frustration and a full quarter of consumers felt that their relationship with their biller improved after the switch was made. So upgrading billing systems is a great way for business owners and managers to make sure that their clients don’t get frustrated and head off to competitors.

In 1981, Thomson Holidays UK became the first to install an online business-to-business shopping system. In the three decades and change since then, online shopping and bill payment has become a regular part of the marketplace. Both consumers and businesses depend on eCommerce transactions to make payments, take payments, and handle bills. Without it, global consumers would still be stuck mailing checks and having to wait weeks to make sure it was received and cashed on time, and businesses would constantly be swamped with stacks of payments and paperwork. To avoid getting left behind by the changing business landscape, investing and properly utilizing utility billing software is a must. More information like this: