Increase Worker Engagement and Happiness With Employee Recognition Programs and Unique Plaques


Pharmacy school graduation gifts

It can often be challenging to choose just the right gift to show recognition and acknowledge someone for their service. The same applies to memorable occasions such as when a colleague receives a promotion or retires. Plaques, however, can be an ideal gift for these and other occasions. This is because plaques can be hung on the wall or set on a desk, table, or shelf. As a result, these thoughtful gifts will be a constant reminder to someone that they are appreciated and respected.

Companies that have employee recognition programs tend to have more productive and happier workers. A recent study showed that 86% of the companies with these types of programs reported that their employees were happier. Furthermore, a 2015 Psychometrics study also found that employee engagement could be improved when workers were acknowledged for their work, leadership, or other relevant aspects of their position. When employers need to improve employee engagement, 58% of the study’s respondents claimed that recognition programs would make a difference.

Even though the average retirement age is currently 63, employees in various positions may retire earlier or later. Some employees may choose not to retire from their positions at all. CEOs, for example, used to have an average tenure of ten years during the 1990s. Currently, however, their tenure is approximately 5.5 years. No matter how long a CEO heads a company, gifting them with a plaque of appreciation demonstrates that they have made an important contribution to the company.

At the present time, the United States has roughly 737,263 police officers on active duty. To show recognition for these officers’ ongoing service, a policeman’s prayer plaque may be appreciated by many. When it comes time for these officers to retire, there are a variety of police retirement gifts from which to choose.

It’s obviously important to acknowledge the men and women that serve in the military. When they’re still on active duty, for example, coast guard gifts can show appreciation for bravery and other unique situations, such as going beyond the call of duty. Military retirement plaques are an appropriate gift for someone in any branch of the military. It’s important to note that there are different types and styles of military retirement plaques, so there will be at least one that will suit the individual and the occasion. In addition to military retirement plaques, there are other ways to acknowledge an individual’s years of service to their country.

When an employer acknowledges the efforts of their employees, this encourages employees to do the same for their employers. This is where the best boss award may be just the right gift for a manager or immediate supervisor. Even though it may occasionally be challenging to choose a gift, plaques are an excellent choice. This is because plaques are are a gift that continues to give.