How to Revamp Your Old, Dated Local Restaurant


Owning and managing a successful restaurant requires the ability to keep up with maintenance, trends, and marketing throughout time. If you are the owner of a restaurant but it is old and outdated compared to other establishments in your area, it may be time for you to consider a restaurant remodel. Investing your time, money, and effort into your restaurant remodel can help bring it back to life while allowing you to generate a profit for years to come when the process is done right.

Create a Plan and Vision

Anytime you are pondering the idea of a restaurant remodel, you will want to first take some time to create a plan and vision for the space. Whether you are interested in commercial lighting services to add dimmers or set the mood in your restaurant or if you are thinking of working with companies that offer tile flooring services, establishing a vision ahead of time can go a long way before you get to work. The more detailed your vision is for your new restaurant, the easier it will also be for you to find suitable companies and qualified contractors to assist you throughout the process.

How to Create a Vision

Seeking inspiration is the best way to determine which features, amenities, and upgrades you will be implementing in your own restaurant establishment once the time comes. Take time to visit local establishments to compare different restaurants near you. Join online communities, groups, and forums that are dedicated to restaurant decor or commercial remodeling projects. The more immersed you are in the design and decor areas of owning and operating a restaurant, the easier it will be for you to determine which course of action is best to take once you begin remodeling your own business.

Thoroughly Clean Your Restaurant

When it comes to embarking on a restaurant remodel project, you will also need to take time to thoroughly clean your establishment, especially before opening its doors to the public again. Ensuring a restaurant remains clean at all times is not always easy to do on your own, especially when you are responsible for managing employees overseeing inventory, and even preparing meals. In order to preserve your commercial investment, you can work with a commercial cleaning service for ongoing and timely solutions.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaners

Choosing to hire commercial cleaners when you want to take care of your own restaurant is highly advisable. Commercial cleaners are not only experienced in cleaning kitchens and handling grease, but they will do so utilizing the right equipment, gear, and supplies. When you choose to work with commercial cleaners, you can spend more time focusing on what matters most when it comes to building and expanding your restaurant’s local reach.

Additionally, commercial cleaners are certified to work in business environments, including commercial kitchens. Commercial cleaning companies are not only experienced but also licensed and insured. Instead of having to invest in all the commercial cleaning supplies and equipment you will need to maintain the area on your own, you can work alongside commercial cleaners to ensure the job is done thoroughly and on time each week.

Paint the Interior and Exterior

If you are pondering the idea of a restaurant remodel, but have a limited budget in place, you may want to consider working with professional painters near you to update the interior or even the exterior of your establishment. Painting your restaurant is not only a way to prevent it from appearing old and outdated, but it also provides a unique opportunity to entirely transform the aesthetic and environment of the location itself. Working alongside a professional painter will not only ensure the quality of the paint job, but it will also allow you to spend more time focusing on rebuilding and renovating other important elements and aspects of your restaurant.

Advantages of Painting the Interior or Exterior of Your Restaurant

Painting and updating the interior and exterior of your restaurant can significantly change the look and feel of the interior atmosphere and the exterior itself. When you paint the inside or even the outside of any restaurant, you will immediately transform how it appears to others, especially those who have not yet visited your restaurant in the past. Working with professional painting experts who understand the ins and outs of commercial paint jobs can also help you create the look and feel you are going for in your dining establishment.

Have a Custom Sign Created

When it comes to conducting a thorough restaurant remodel, you may be thinking of ways to refresh and change your establishment’s current image that is presented to the public and those in your own local community. One way to transform the way others view and interpret your restaurant is to consider investing in a custom business sign. Creating a customized business sign that can be attached to the exterior or the interior of your restaurant can truly change the look and feel of your establishment as a whole, especially if you intend to use the sign as a focal point inside or outside your restaurant.

Advantages of Investing in Custom Signs

Using a customized business sign for your restaurant can help your establishment stand out from the rest of the buildings or businesses on your current block. Investing in personalized business signs also allows you to set yourself apart from establishments and companies near you that do not take their brand’s image seriously. Using a customized business sign that glows or uses LEDs is also a way to create any type of atmosphere or aesthetic you are going for inside or even outside the restaurant itself.

Update the Exterior Landscaping Surrounding Your Restaurant

Anyone who is invested in a thorough restaurant remodel should consider updating the exterior landscaping of their commercial property or lot. Updating the exterior landscaping of any commercial space can instantly transform the aesthetic and environment of the space. If you are thinking of adding new plants, trees, or flowers to surround your restaurant while remodeling it, you will want to do so only after locating landscape designers whom you can trust and who have commercial experience in your area.

Benefits of Updating Surrounding Landscaping

Whether you’re managing a small, quaint diner or if your restaurant is the talk of the town, the landscaping surrounding your establishment can mean the difference between attracting new patrons and turning guests away. Your landscaping can drastically improve the impression of others when they are passing your restaurant or looking for a new place to sit down and enjoy themselves. Additionally, implementing new landscaping is also a way to boost curbside appeal, which in turn, can result in an increase in the valuation of your commercial property should you choose to list it for sale on the open real estate market at any time in the near future.

Create Modernized Bathrooms

Maintaining a restaurant requires the ability to take care of and maintain facilities that are accessible to the public, such as your establishment’s bathrooms. Updating your restaurant’s bathrooms with modern fixtures and utilities can go a long way in building a professional reputation for yourself while also providing a comfortable environment for your patrons. When you are thinking of conducting a bathroom renovation, you should do so by working with commercial renovators who have experience in updating commercial bathroom spaces, including those in diners and restaurants.

Benefits of Updating Bathrooms in a Restaurant

Even if you do not use them frequently yourself, bathrooms will likely be accessed by the majority of your regular patrons at some point or another. Providing a comfortable, welcoming, and clean space for your guests to use throughout their dining experience can go a long way in determining how they view your restaurant establishment as a whole. When patrons feel comfortable during their bathroom experience in a facility, they are also less likely to have reservations about ordering food and drinks in the same location.

Repair or Upgrade Your Parking Lot

When you are ready to move forward with a restaurant remodel you have in mind, it is important to consider whether it is time to repair, upgrade, or replace your location’s parking lot. The parking lot of a restaurant must be well-maintained at all times, especially if the majority of your customers arrive at your establishment via a vehicle of their own. If a parking lot appears old, outdated, or littered with potholes, customers are more likely to go elsewhere to dine in order to protect their car or truck.

Tips on Updating and Repairing Your Restaurant’s Parking Lot

Once you have made the decision to update or repair your restaurant’s parking lot, you will want to begin searching for a suitable commercial paving company near you. Working with commercial pavers is a way to determine the best course of action to take based on the current condition and age of your parking lot. You can also learn more about potential repairs and upgrades that are most valuable for you based on the budget you are working with at the time.

Repairing your restaurant’s parking lot can significantly improve traffic to your establishment. It can also help your restaurant appear much more visually appealing, which can result in more customers and sales in a shorter period of time.

Upgrade Appliances

If you are taking your restaurant’s remodel project seriously, you should also consider the type of appliances you currently have installed and in use. Maintaining a successful restaurant may require you to take a bit of time to consider the appliances you have in place and whether they are efficient enough or suitable for long-term use. Once you make the decision to update or upgrade your commercial appliances, you will want to do so only after you have located professional and commercial appliance installers near you.

The Importance of Working With Appliance Specialists

Hiring appliance experts and installation specialists is a way for you to ensure you are making the right decision anytime you are investing in new appliances or moving forward with repairs and upgrades. Appliance specialists who understand commercial appliances can also help you compare options, brands, and price points based on the equipment you’re interested in the features and functions that are most important to you, and how you operate your restaurant on a daily basis. You can also gain valuable insight into the most reliable brands and manufacturers today when you choose to do so by working with appliance specialists who work with commercial locations.

Work With Professional Remodeling Companies

Whenever you are thinking of investing in new commercial gear and equipment or if you simply want to renovate the current look and aesthetic of your kitchen, you will want to work with kitchen remodeling experts and professionals who specialize in working in commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchen remodeling contractors and companies are not only well-versed in renovating entire commercial kitchens, but they will also do so while abiding by any commercial zoning laws or restrictions that may be in place and in effect based on where you are living and where your restaurant is located. Choosing to work with commercial professional remodelers is a way for you to maintain your peace of mind knowing that your commercial kitchen is in the right hands.

How to Find the Right Remodeling Companies

Once you make the decision to hire professional kitchen remodeling companies, you can find out more about your options using local listings and directories and by conducting some research online. Ask business colleagues and associates for their own recommendations when it comes to remodeling companies. When searching online for remodeling companies, be sure to do so by searching for commercial remodeling specialists and experts, as they will have the ability to provide renovations and remodeling services in the vicinity of commercial space.

Anytime you are thinking of conducting a restaurant remodel, you will need to consider your ultimate goals, vision, and the budget you have available to get started. When you want your restaurant remodel venture to go as smoothly as possible, establishing a vision and working with the right contractors or local providers is a must. With a vision and a clear understanding of where to begin in your restaurant, you can ensure that the remodeling results are exactly as you intended when you were just getting started.