How To Choose The Right Hose Clamp


Hoses and pipes are some of the most basic elements of modern plumbing and machinery. In the case that you need to do your own home improvement, it’s vital to know the different types of hose clamps and when they should be used. Having a proper seal is non-negotiable in any water project unless you want to deal with damp walls and mildew in a few weeks.

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And that seal starts with a good hose and a reliable clamp.

The best place to look for guidance is the experts. Trial and error are the only true ways to learn optimum quality, so following someone else’s work is the easiest way to mitigate the “error” part on your end. No need to make mistakes if someone’s already made them for you.

This video is an excellent device for showing quality as well as telling. Discussing the load-bearing strength for multiple brands of stainless steel clamps, amongst other examples. This pro rapidly tests pressure, tensile strength, reusability, and even includes price and bulk. All very useful information, especially if you aren’t as well-versed in this type of work yet. If you’re short on time or patience, he also compiles all of his findings at the end in an easy-to-read graph. Altogether seems like a good resource for repair advice and technical know-how.