Finding What Makes A Business Succeed


When starting a business, a lot of groundwork needs to be laid before the idea can even get off the ground. Investments, loans, patrons, juggling stock, predicting supply and demand. It’s truly a lot to keep up with. And in this modern age, it’s become difficult to find business advice that’s genuine and relevant to someone starting from scratch. There’s always talk about this mythical “secret to success”, which in many peoples’ cases, is really just a reliable source of funding.

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So what’s really important when you’re laying it all on the line? Many people risk everything when starting out on their own. Especially in such an uncertain world, entrepreneurs must be prepared to weather anything. True small business insight comes from the ideas with the shortest lifespans: Startups. Anyone living in a city has seen a startup rise and fall. They appear when someone has an idea and some friends, and often disappear when the spark goes out. But what makes that spark go out? What kills a business before it even sees success?

Here, career entrepreneur Bill Gross discusses his lifelong work in the field of business development. In his most recent endeavor, he becomes committed to investigating what factors play the most key roles in a startup’s success. This keynote presentation is his breakdown of his findings.