Importance of integrity in business

How did the popular furniture stores achieve their notoriety? Is it because they’re known as affordable furniture stores or could it possibly because they’ve been successful at building customer relationships to achieve brand loyalty? Believe it or not, popular furniture stores gained their esteemed reputations not only through competitive pricing, but because they employed excellent service skills for building customer loyalty and keeping their customer base secure.

If you want to achieve the reputation that popular furniture stores have, then make customer service the central priority of your business. Here are some simple ways that you can improve customer loyalty, and get the same results as popular furniture stores!

According to a customer service survey by Clickfox, it was found that quality absolutely beats out price for the reasons why customers come back to a store. A whopping 88% of people responded that quality of the products and the service was their main reason for returning to a store. These same participants also responded that the top requirement of customer loyalty was for a business to provide excellent customer service 24/7.

Forbes, a leading business information site, suggests that business owners should lead from the front. This is because the customer needs to trust the business, and nobody will just trust a blank, faceless entity. When a business owner leads from the front, they make the business feel more personal, and effectively more trustworthy. For example, having red phones in popular furniture stores that instantly connect aggrieved of confused customers with the owner let customers know that the business cares, and that they can be trusted.

Popular furniture stores set a high standard for customer service excellence, and they work to achieve. That is how they have gained the trust, and respect of their customers. If you have any questions about ways you can build customer loyalty, feel free to ask in the comments! Great references here: Direct buy