How to Boost Your Commercial Curb Appeal


One of the most important things about operating a brick-and-mortar business is making sure your business looks appealing to potential customers. A business that looks welcoming is more likely to gain new customers and boost your bottom line. But how exactly do you improve your commercial curb appeal? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways you can improve your commercial curb appeal to encourage new customers to come into your store.

Make Sure Your Signage Is Visible

If you have signage in front of the business, it must be legible from a distance. Certain types of lighting can make it difficult to read the name clearly. Beware of the reflections of the sun during the day and the effects of shadows at night, the lighting from the street can ruin our precious sign if it is badly placed.

Make Sure the Windows Are in Good Shape

There are as many types of windows as there are tastes and needs. A window full of objects does not allow potential customers to focus on anything specific. Instead, it gives an image of disorder and confusion. A couple of objects in the middle of a showcase help to focus attention, but it is not necessary that companies have their entire catalog exposed to the outside.

If the window allows you to see the interior of the premises, you must be careful in the balance between privacy and transparency. It may be suggestive that people can be seen working in an office from the outside, but for their own safety, it is better if the information being handled is not visible. It is a bad idea to put a computer screen visible from the street (for example).

Be Sure the Name of the Business Is Visible

You want to be sure that potential customers know the name of your store, which is why it’s essential that your business name is not only clear but also legible. If the name is ambiguous, a subtitle does not hurt, leaving aside that the choice of name also has its importance. No one is going to know the nature of the business if you don’t use a byline.

Make Sure Your Store Is Accessible

It is not just that people with a mobility problem can enter an establishment. There are mandatory rules that apply to premises open to the public. Therefore, keep in mind that they may need to come out loaded with bags. Companies should make sure that they do so safely and securely as they make their way to the parking lot.

Good Lighting

There are a number of premises and offices with terrible lighting. In the case of premises, it is extremely important that the light is warm and welcoming, that all areas are properly lit, and that customers do not have doubts from the street about whether the business is closed or opened. A good example of what should not be done or used are naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, fluorescent lamps, and lamps that look like something out of a horror movie.

Maintain Your Company Parking Lot

When it comes to guaranteed parking at a business, it’s important to make sure that that guaranteed parking both looks and feels great. Any cracks or divets in the pavement can cause a problem both for motorists and pedestrians. Potholes can cause accidents, which may put your business at legal risk. Parking lot damage can also make your business appear rough and unkempt. Make sure that you’re resurfacing your company parking lot when the damage gets to take up over 30% of the lot. Any cracks and divets ought to be repaired as soon as possible.

Keep Your Grass in Great Shape

Businesses must keep the grass in good shape. This means it has to be mowed and properly irrigated. Commercial garden irrigation is necessary and it has to be done on a frequent basis along with regular mowing. It is best to contract professional mowers to get the job done for you, at least biweekly. Keeping the green even during most of the year is usually a task that requires time, effort, and knowledge. That is why it is important to hire a professional to get the job done so that you don’t have a shoddy curb appeal.

To maintain the grass, it is necessary that it be cut periodically. This will ensure that it is always healthy. Regular mowing is very important as it helps thicken the grass. Regarding the cutting technique: little and often is better than a lot at once.
When grass is cut, it begins a process in which it removes many nutrients that must be replaced to obtain optimal growth. It is advised that you start fertilizing the lawn every four to five weeks in early spring. The essential nutrients for the lawn are: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Special lawn fertilizer mixes can be found for sale at nurseries or at your local landscaper. Generally, the packaging of these products indicates the amount to be used.

How often you should water depends on the temperature and humidity. For this, it is necessary to observe the changes in the color of the grass, when the grass is in need of water, it will begin to acquire a blue and gray hue, while the older leaves will begin to wither.

In the event that a new lawn is planted, it will need to be watered at least once a day to germinate the seeds and strengthen the root. Today, there are different irrigation systems and automated sprinklers, which intelligently and programmatically take care of all the work. All you will have to do is program and position the sprinklers.

Upgrade Your Doors and Windows

Your exterior doors and windows say a lot about your business place. It is a reflection of how seriously you take your business and your customers. Therefore, you should always ensure that you are portraying the right image with upgraded doors and windows of your commercial real estate. There are various reasons why you should do this.

In addition to how your business is reflected from the outside, upgrading helps with energy efficiency. If you have to hire a commercial building contractor to get the job done for you, then that is highly recommended. The curb appeal of your doors and windows will identify what goes on on the inside. More customers would want to enter your business if they feel like it is inviting. Upgrades can create a welcoming look and feel. The customer’s first impression should be your primary focus when doing an upgrade. Choose windows and doors that match your business theme and style. Make sure to choose the ones that look like they belong and incorporate the aesthetics of the parking lot.

Maintain and Repair Your Roof

Every day, your roof is put to the test due to sunlight and other natural elements such as rain. Over time, roofing damage can also be a problem. Therefore, it is best to contract with a commercial roofing company so that a roof repair or roof replacement will add curb appeal to your business place. If you have ongoing roofing services, then your roof will usually be in good condition since there will always be someone checking on it.


A business place and how it is represented to the company says a lot about the owner’s focus. If you have a rundown business, then you will lose customers and potentially have to close your business. Adding curb appeal will only benefit you short term and long term. So, make sure you keep improving every area of your business for longevit