How Concrete Contractors Can Save Time and Money Making Estimates


Any company looking to provide building or renovation service has to begin with each new client by providing an estimate. You can’t proceed any further with your services until the customer has learned what the approximate cost will be and agreed to pay that amount. But if you don’t have an effective system for making estimates, your projects can stall before they’ve even begun. Here’s an inside tip from an experienced concrete contractor to help avoid this issue.

A concrete company with a well-established presence in its community can expect to receive hundreds of inquiries asking for estimates a day.

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This volume of messages is almost impossible to respond to promptly, let alone have time in the workday for other tasks. Luckily, there are useful tools online at your disposal.

One way to cut down on this amount of estimate requests is to refer prospective customers to a calculator such as CreteQuote. On these websites, you can pre-set a number of standard rates. Once a customer enters information about their job, the website will calculate an estimate for them. Using this tool, you can ensure that any customers who schedule a meeting with you have already received a preliminary estimate and are confident they have the budget for your services.