Great Tips to Improve Your Internet Marketing Strategy


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Driving a ton of traffic to your company’s website is the main goal for many marketing campaigns and departments. No internet marketing plan that starts and ends with a website is complete. You need to integrate social media and do some pay per click advertsing.

Great Tips to Jump Start Your Internt Marketing Strategy.

  • Start with a simple and effective web site. Good web design is simple, clean and easy to read. Your design team needs to make the site simple and easy to nativate. Often less text is better than long paragraphs that are hard to wade through. You need to remember that people do not spend a lot of time reading anyone. Think of why people love to text and Tweet. People graze on their social media channels they do not spend a lot of time. If your site is not simple and easy to find and use, it is useless.
  • Make sure you produce quality content. No, the vast majority of people who visit your web site are not going to spend a lot of time reading and analyzing the copy but you still need to make sure what you have is professionally written. Typos and grammatical errors will hurt your credibility as a reputable company with the potential clients and customers who do take the time to read your stuff. No internet marketing campaign can succeed if your site is riddled with silly errors.
  • Use the right keywords. You need to spend some time thinking about the goods and services you offer. How would customers look for you in a phone book? You need to use terms and phrases that they may search for and that apply to your business. Yes, everyone loves looking at cat videos on YouTube but unless you are a pet supply company or something similar, if peope search for cat videos and find your plumbing services, you will get traffic but it will not get you new customers. Your keywords have to be relevant to your business.
  • Use the right social media channels for your audience. If you are looking to do business to business (B2B) marketing, you should spend time advterising on LinkedIn. If you are looking to get consumers to shop at your store or site, Facbook is a much better space for yours ads. Nearly 80% of shoppers research their brands online and many look to Facebook. Also, almost 70% of people will click the “like” button for a company because they saw that there friends have done the same.
  • When you place an ad is as important as where you place it. When you are looking at using social media to further your internet marketing campaign, consider doing it when you know your audience is online. Internet marketing firms say that the best time to post to Facebook is at about 8:00 pm. They have found this to a much more effective time than 6:00 pm. There are many tools that can help you track when your target audience is online.
  • Interact with your customers. Social media is a communication tool that requires some give and take between businesses and their customers. Take advantage of different channels to provide good customer service. You can show you care about your current customers and clients by responding to their concerns. Many companies will respond to customer problems and complaints via Twitter. This can be an easier way for the customers to get what they need from you when it is more convenient for them. This can also help improve your reputation. There are a few automated services you can use ot communicate with people and to get your information out to your clients and customers when they are using social media channels.
  • Be consistent. You need all of your communications with your clients and cutsomers to promote the same message. Repetition is the foundation of the best internet marketing campaigns. Your message needs to be the same across all platforms that you use.

Good internet marketing
strategies can really raise awareness of your company and the goods and services you provide. Embrace and have fun with social media. It can do a lot to further your business and improve your bottom line.