Fire Protection Systems for High Risk Buildings


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A fire safety plan is a necessity for all buildings like commercial businesses, condos, apartment buildings, hotels, and motels. Certain types of buildings like hospitals, hotels, and motels are very prone to fires. Property managers in charge of data centers and warehouses also have to be concerned about the risk of fire because of the damage that can potentially be caused by fires. A comprehensive fire safety plan developed in consultation with a fire protection company can save lives.

Fire protection services for large commercial buildings
Property managers of large public use buildings like apartment complexes and condos, hospitals, hotels, motels, warehouses, and data centers are responsible for fire prevention and safety. This means having a comprehensive fire safety plan in place. This should be developed and implemented by a professional fire protection company. Regular inspections of all safety equipment and features are also necessary to ensure that they will work as intended if needed.
Fire protection services can install different types of fire protection, including fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, and fire suppression systems. All together, they can help to prevent or minimize fires, loss and injuries. Key staff and personnel in all buildings should also be trained in their correct use. Regular fire alarm inspections and fire evacuation drills can help to save lives and property in case of a real emergency.

High risk buildings
Different types of buildings, like hospitals, hotels and motels, warehouses, and data centers, that are high-risk for fires, need special consideration. As well as fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems can help to prevent or minimize fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), buildings with properly operating sprinkler systems minimize casualties due to fires. The maximum number of fatalities recorded in such buildings is two persons.
Hospitals are among the four categories of buildings that are at high risk for fries. The others are hotels, offices, and apartments. Between 2006 and 2010, there were an average of 6,240 fires in hospitals and health care facilities each year, according to fire department records.
Hotels and motels
This is another class of building that is a high risk for fires. Each year, 15 people are killed and 150 injured in fires in hotels and motels. The property damage from such fires is estimated to be $76 million.
Data centers
Data centers store crucial information that is essential to businesses and security systems. Any outages and down time lead to losses worth billions of dollars. Further, the equipment in data centers is vulnerable to smoke as well as fire and water damage. Special fire alarm systems for rooms with telecommunications equipment can give early warning to prevent losses due to fire, smoke or outages.
All large commercial buildings need comprehensive fire safety plans developed and implemented by a professional fire protection company. Regular fire alarm inspections and evacuation drills can help to save lives.