Creating the Perfect Al Fresco Dining Experience for Your Customers


On a YouTube video by Erica In The House titled “Creating the Perfect Al Fresco Dining Space,” she shows you how to design an outdoor space in a very narrow section despite the limitations. Erica wants to transform this narrow space into an al fresco dining area.

Video Source

She starts by ordering lights to hang off the house in a crisscross pattern using hooks with plastic anchors to hang the light in the space for outdoor dining. On the other side, she has an exceptionally large wall with thick ivy or some type of vines and crisscrosses the lights on the house and the wall.

She orders gravel and has friends and family put the gravel down on the ground as a cover. The gravel makes a good cover for this tight space.

Al Fresco Dining

She orders two large picnic tables that are the same size and puts them together in the area. She has an added small table for serving food. The table sits well, and she decorates the area with some lounge chairs and an area to have drinks before you eat or while you eat. She gives you some clever ideas on how to decorate an outdoor space that is confined and small for entertaining. Her method is cost-effective and works well.

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to create a perfect al fresco dining experience, follow the tips above.