Create a Business Building Custom Shutters


Homeowners from all walks of life are turning away from traditional window treatments like curtains and blinds in favor of custom shutters. A custom shutter is typically an indoor plantation shutter that combines the best features of wooden blinds and cordless shades. The slats in the shutter are opened and shut using a central bar.

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With nothing that could harm or be damaged by small children, plantation shutters are valued by parents, but they also appeal to anyone looking for high-quality permanent window treatments.

If you want to get involved in the transition toward these modern window treatments, you can do so by starting your own small business creating and selling custom shutters. Since each custom shutter needs to be perfectly sized for the window it will be installed over, large companies aren’t able to undercut prices. This means small businesses are able to stay competitive.

If you’re interested in the process of building a custom shutter, the video posted on this page is a great resource. It requires some woodworking ability and access to power tools, but if you have experience and a workshop, you should be able to get a quick start on this unique small business venture.