Could Medical Marijuana be Helping the Homeless? Believe it or Not, it Just Might!


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The opinions on medical marijuana consulting and use vary greatly from person to person, but as much as this medication can help individuals, can it help people on a larger scale? According to a small town outside of Denver, it can. Aurora is a small suburb of Denver, and the town is using its sales tax revenue from medical marijuana operations to help the homeless.

Aurora set aside nearly $1.5 million for city projects such as this, and is dividing it up among different organizations to help people throughout the city. Apparently medical marijuana doesn’t just help people on an individual level!

Now, you may still be skeptical when it comes to medical marijuana marketing and use, but the facts are all out there, and positive results are happening everywhere you look. If you still think you need to learn more, however, here are a few facts to get you started.

Medical marijuana consulting must be done by a licensed physician

That’s right! It’s not possible to gain a medical marijuana prescription without, well, a prescription. Recreational marijuana is not the same as medical marijuana, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Most patients do not smoke to ingest their medication

Contrary to popular belief, smoking is not the only way to ingest medical marijuana. In fact, more people have prescriptions in which they use oils, pills, and even baked goods to administer the prescription into their system.

Starting a medical marijuana business is possible

It is possible to start a medical marijuana business and invest in the field. Many people have found this area of business to be profitable, as well as helpful to a good number of people. Of course, there are strict regulations and rules that you must abide by, but the increase in acceptance of medical marijuana has had huge impacts on the business world.

The possibilities are endless in the ever-changing world of medicine, and medical marijuana is simply one of them. Beyond helping people cope with pain and various diseases, it’s even helped a small town aid their homeless population. Now that’s something newsworthy.