Billing for Physical Therapy


The video discusses how physical therapy medical billing solutions work. It talks about how much time a physical therapist needs to work with a client before billing that person for a certain number of units. He talks about the rule of eights and how that rule is often used to calculate physical therapy bills. In the rule of eights, the physical therapist will not be eligible to bill any units to the client.

Video Source

Once the physical therapist performs a service for the client for eight minutes, the job becomes eligible to bill one unit. Each additional 15 minutes raises the chargeable units to the next tier. For example, the client would be charged two units for a 23-minute session. At 38-minutes, the professional can bill the client three units, and at 53 minutes, he or she can bill the client for four units.

One thing to consider is the type of work being done on the client and the amount of time for which the work is done. Two different types of activities have to be billed separately. Thus, a specialist who performs nine minutes of therapeutic activity would only be eligible to charge the client one unit, based on the nine minutes of therapeutic activity.