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UPDATED 1/13/21 Small businesses have a lot going on and it can feel like there are not enough resources out there. It can be hard to find good small business consulting services let alone free small business consulting services and resources. These resources can help a small business grow toContinue Reading

“How can I get a painting appraised and valued?” and “where can I find a certified art appraiser near me?” are common questions that may be asked by those who collect artwork of various types. Whether it is paintings, sculptures, or other forms of fine art, there is a greatContinue Reading

A small business owner who is just starting out should know their risks. SCORE Counselors to America’s Small Businesses, reports that only about half of the small businesses survive for more than five years. Tips for small business owners are one of the things you want to look for ifContinue Reading

Since there are many Virginia printers and printers Washington DC, it can be quite difficult to find one that is really good in meeting your deadlines and in meeting all the specifications of your order. In fact, many people have actually tried several Virginia printers or printing companies in WashingtonContinue Reading

In any manufacturing business, it is often necessary to change the appearance and in some cases, the characteristics of the materials used in order to create quality products. Popularly used items such as glass, rubber, and other difficult items are often cut down or decreased in surface area. Since theseContinue Reading

Small business owners face many decisions that often will determine the survival and longevity of their businesses. There are literally hundreds, and probably even thousands, of books and internet resources that offer an infinite number of small business tips and advice that are intended to help small business owners toContinue Reading