Arbitration, Following the Law of the Land and the Rights of the Earth


Judge alan nevas

Navigating the intricacies of the law can be a difficult thing to do. There are a number of different reasons why you may find yourself in front of a judge, whether you find yourself involved in a criminal case, or you are fighting to protect your intellectual property, or anything in between. Some cases might not require you to appear in front of the judge, but will call for arbitration services, or some other type of alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration cases are much like those that employ mediation services, where a third party is involved, working to come up with a solution or compromise that both parties involved in the arbitration referral can agree upon.

The real dispute of our time

Yes, there are people filing for bankruptcy, and there are large corporations involved in international disputes. The many different types of legal cases exist because there are so many different ways that the law or an official agreement can be mishandled or broken. But one enormous issue that affects everyone, whether or not you pay attention to how directly you are affected, is the issue of the environment. The health of the earth is everyone’s responsibility, and the fact that so many have blatantly ignored it becomes everyone’s problem. We as a species have done quite a bit of damage to the earth, and if we do not start to make more conscious efforts soon, we very well may have set ourselves up for a premature, self-induced extinction.

Turning things around
We need to start making decisions as communities and entire societies to hold ourselves and each other accountable for improving in order to become more environmentally friendly. And we need to start holding large corporations and industries responsible as well. Maybe that means finding a way to take these large businesses to court, and changing the game on a legal level. If expectations can be enforced on the big contributors to pollution and the degradation of the environment, then we can start to see real change.

The problem is real, but there is a solution

It has been reported that well over 40% of people in the United States have significant concerns about our air quality both indoors and outdoors, as well as carbon emissions and several other harmful emissions and pollutants. If that is not enough to grab your attention, think about the 5,000 lives, approximately, that could be saved each and every year, and the thousands of respiratory cases or instances of heart disease that could be prevented by diminishing the amount of toxic air pollution that spews from industrial plants.

And it is not just our air. Forests are disappearing, and over 33% of all the counties in the contiguous 48 states are going to be looking at higher risks of water shortages within the next few decades because of the global warming that our species helped to create. We are headed in a scary direction, but if we start making the environment a priority, we can change the dangerous course that we are on to one that is a bit brighter.

Changing the laws of operation, production, and other areas that contribute to a damaged environment is just one way to start protecting the earth, and in turn, protecting our species.