An Interview with Ruben Leonardo Echegaray, Creative Director of Ibis Studio


Ruben Leonardo Echegaray, the creative director of Ibis Studio, a multi-faceted marketing agency, took some time to talk with us about the challenges and rewards of owning his own company.

Mr. Echegaray, there are so many facets to modern marketing companies. In what areas does Ibis Studio specialize?

We are a dynamic agency, dedicated to providing high quality service in web design, search engine optimization, corporate identity, and graphic advertising.

Those fields can be very competitive! What did you do to prepare the team for the launch of Ibis Studio?

Before launching Ibis Studio, we were working in similar companies, giving us the opportunity to understand the dynamism of this type of business and helping us learn the key role our business plays in the everyday lives of companies and consumers.

What was the biggest challenge you ran into during your transition from employee to company owner?

The biggest challenge is ourselves. To be up-to-date, attractive, dynamic, and always moving forward is critical. Reinventing is the key. That’s why you will always see us putting our imaginations to work.

All that hard work must really pay off! What’s been your best day as a business owner?

Every day is unique, but the most rewarding days are those when tough projects are solved almost magically and the client is happy.

For more information about Ibis Studio, visit or call (877) 570-2568.

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