A Smart, Eco-Friendly Way Of Looking At Things The Growth Of The Shipping Container Cafe


Construction doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take months to finish. In fact, that might just be the most obsolete part of the process!

Shipping containers have provided countless industries with an answer to their modern building problems. Able to be constructed in a third of the time with enough amenities to support several purposes, the shipping container is today’s Swiss army knife. The best thing of all? These can be recycled and repurposed back into the economy without a drop in quality. Should you be in need of a small restaurant, cafe, or studio on the go…you’re in luck.

Here are just five benefits that come with the custom shipping containers.

Everyone Is Hopping Onto The Shipping Container Hype Train

Throw a rock and you’ll hit an industry that’s been enjoying the benefits of shipping containers. Back in 2015 Taco Bell debuted a 1,080 square foot pop-up store made out of a shipping container crate, later opening up a permanent store in California two years later. The shipping container cafe was first thought to have been started by Starbucks all the way in 2011, with their 450 square foot shipping container store in Washington. The shipping container cafe is the perfect balance between convenience for the business and convenience for the customer. In fact…

Shipping Containers Are Extremely Eco-Friendly

…it’s even convenient for the environment! We live in a very active and hungry world, using so many resources it’s nearly impossible to track it all. What we do know for sure is that brick, wood, and plastic needs to be used in smaller quantities if the environment is to survive. Every recycled shipping container contains 3,500 kilograms of steel, able to be recycled easily and put back into the economy. Most shipping containers today are just sitting around and waiting to be used — one study found that, if every container in the world was lined up from end-to-end, they could circle the earth twice.

These Containers Are Not Just Plentiful, They’re Tough

You don’t have to conflate ‘cheap’ with ‘low quality’. In fact, sometimes the most effective resources are also the most affordable! Modified shipping containers originate from a tool that’s used to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather. You can be rest assured your shipping container cafe will hold up with the best of them. Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas spans a stunning 19,000 square feet with an estimated 30 shipping containers (as well as modular cubes) forming its perimeter.

Shave Off Some Time And Reap The Rewards

As explored above, many construction methods simply take too long to finish. Shipping containers, on the other hand, come already complete with several essential figures. Recent studies have estimated shipping container stores take off between five and 12 weeks off a store’s potential opening timeline. Imagine how much more you can achieve with a more open schedule! Shipping container modifications are truly one of the most innovative ideas to come about in the past decade…and they’re only getting better.

The Shipping Container Cafe Is Fast, Eco-Friendly, And Functional

It’s hard to believe, but the shipping container might just have the most benefits for your business yet. They’re plentiful — with an estimated six million just sitting around — and won’t run out anytime soon. They are extremely durable and can hold up to harsh weather, the test of time, and several renovations. Once you’re done you can recycle them and support the economy by adding more steel to the pile. If you’re not sure whether or not to make the plunge…just ask yourself one question.

Do you want to save time and money? The shipping container cafe is ready when you are!