5 Ways to Show Your Business Parking Lot Some Love


The sad things is, a good parking lot probably won’t get noticed. Drivers have so many other things on their minds that the act of parking is often seamless and automatic. However, you can be sure a bad parking lot full of cracked asphalt, pot holes, and poor striping will absolutely catch negative attention and impact your business. Poor driving surfaces can cost drivers an estimated $400 per vehicle every year, plus, they are a nuisance to drive on and can tarnish the brands of the companies that own them. This is why commissioning routine maintenance by a reputable paving company is absolutely essential. (Paving is a $36 billion dollar industry for a reason). Below are a few ways you can stay ahead of the asphalt game, and keep your parking lot pristine:

1. Conduct Yearly Maintenance
Asphalt generally has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years after an initial parking lot build, however the forces of nature, oil, and road stress are going to do everything in their power to destroy it. Therefore it is critical to stay on top of fixing cracked concrete and asphalt especially after a harsh winter. Most importantly, following a parking lot maintenance plan keeps your customers safe, and protects you from liability.

2. Consider Sealcoating
A conscientious business owner may also want to consider sealcoating the asphalt in their parking lot, as this significantly reduces the long term costs of repair and further protects the asphalt against weather events. Sealcoating will also protect your asphalt against harsh chemicals and oil that may spill and general oxidation.

3. Restripe When Necessary
The stripes in a parking lot are actually an extremely important safety feature and aid in the optimal configuration of spaces in your lot, which in turn maximizes profit. Think about it — we have all turned into our favorite food joint or drug store, only to see there are no spots left, and so we forego the errand for another time. That’s money out of your pocket. Avoid this by making sure the stripes in your parking lot are clearly demarcated. When the stripes are clear, this also lowers the risk of poor parking jobs, and therefore, parking lot fender benders.

4. Repave for Evenness
It may seem persnickety to invest in repaving asphalt just for evenness, but it is actually a smart investment. For one, this will aid the drainage in your lot and prevent those giant puddles from forming in rain events, which in turn reduces long term erosion. In fact, a smooth paving job can increase the overall lifespan of your parking lot up to 25%!

5. Consider Adding Speed Bumps
People often underestimate the danger of driving through parking lots. They are tightly packed with cars and full of meandering pedestrians, yet people almost always drive too quickly, and roll right through stop signs. To mitigate the risk of pedestrian injury and parking lot accidents, consider getting a reputable paving company to build some concrete speed bumps in your lot. These can help clearly mark crosswalks and reduce driver speed.