5 Scenarios You’ll Wish You Had an Employee Directory


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Have you ever had a work-related question but not known who to ask? You’re not the only one. In fact, in a large work space, it’s possible that you haven’t even met all of your co-workers, let alone know what they do.

Employee directory software could certainly help you when you need to find out where to go to collaborate on something, but what else could it help with?

  1. I need to get in touch with someone but I don’t know how.

    An employee directory can serve as a company address book. If you don’t know how to get in touch with someone, a directory can help. Many employee apps also list their preferred method of communication: email, text, phone call, or otherwise.
  2. Who can help me with this project?

    The directory can list all of your colleagues’ special interests. While the IT department can likely help you with most tech-related issues, sometimes one person is best suited for a specific computer language or problem. Instead of wandering into their office with a problem unknowingly, you can find the individual who is needed to solve the problem.
  3. I need to talk with someone but I don’t know when they will be in the office.

    Company directories can help you track someone down regardless of where you are with a click of a button. Is the person you need at their desk right now? Are they sick or on vacation? Are they working remotely from the local coffee shop today? If you need to make an appointment, you can easily access their schedule to see when the next time they will be available to meet in the office.
  4. It’s somebody’s birthday and I want to make surprise arrangements.

    Whether you’re summoning the office for a surprise sing-along or making sure that no one has any allergies to the cake you plan on bringing in, getting a hold of a group pf your co-workers is simple with an employee directory system.
  5. I’m new here and want to know what I have in common with my coworkers.

    Getting a new job, especially one in a new city where you don’t know anyone, can be stressful. Maybe you went to the same college as someone on your team, or maybe you and someone from a different department both like the same sports team. Finding commonalities in the workplace promotes camaraderie, which helps promote a better corporate atmosphere.