4 Ways to Make a Hospital More Navigable


While those working at a hospital know how to find their way in these buildings, it’s not always easy for visitors. In many cases, people will be visiting the hospital you work at for the first time. Considering that, these structures can be amazingly difficult for someone to find where they’re going. Many hospitals are working to make these massive buildings easier to navigate. With that in mind, here are four ways to improve the layout of your hospital.

  1. Implement Door Signs

    You’ve likely seen door signs in any large structure. These signs don’t have to be placed on a door. Instead, these signs often hang above a doorway. It’s important to keep these signs properly protected. Considering that, you’ll find it wise to purchase acrylic door sign holders. Acrylic door sign holders protect signs, something important in a hospital environment.
  2. Sign Stands Ensure Your Message Remains Visible

    Considering the size of hospitals, it’s understandable that certain sections might need to be renovated. During these times, you’ll likely need a temporary but effective solution to direct visitors to another location. With that in mind, metal sign stands provide durability while also clearly presenting a hospital’s message. These stands can be placed at eye level with visitors, easily ensuring they’re able to understand where to go.
  3. Giving Departments Simpler Names

    While medical professionals will know the proper names of each hospital department, this isn’t always the case for visitors. Therefore, many hospitals are considering simpler names for their departments. For instance, many glass door signs now display messages mentioning the heart rather than simply displaying cardiology department.
  4. Consider Having Employees Help Direct Visitors

    Many hospitals understand that these facilities can appear intimidating to navigate. Certain hospitals are having workers direct visitors, ensuring they arrive at their intended destination. In these situations, interns are often placed in this position.

To summarize, there are several ways to make a hospital easier to navigate. Many of these solutions involve utilizing proper signage. Considering that, many facilities utilize acrylic door sign holders to keep these items properly protected. Clear plastic hanging signs that remain unprotected won’t work well in these environments. You’ll want to ensure you’re working with a reliable commercial sign holder supplier. This means that your facilities receive protective sign holders in a fast and efficient manner.