4 Great Ways to Lower Commercial Energy Bills


Natural gas is used throughout many residential and commercial buildings. Whether it’s 66.7 million homes or 5.4 million businesses, natural gas continues to remain popular. In addition, another study found that natural gas makes up for 21% of all fuel consumed throughout the world. If you’re managing a large commercial facility, it’s important to keep costs as low as possible. With that in mind, here are four smart ways to reduce your commercial energy usage.

  1. Check for Air Leaking Throughout Your Building

    One of the main sources of wasted energy for any building occurs through leaks in ducts. However, air can also leak through doors and windows that have adjusted due to foundation changes. In addition, these leaks can drastically begin to add up. If you’re noticing your natural gas prices are oddly increasing, it’s wise to consider the possibility that leaks are present in your building.
  2. Consider Implementing a Smart Thermostat

    Part of running a business is knowing when to change with the times. Considering that, changing your current thermostat system to a smart unit can drastically help reduce commercial natural gas usage. These thermostats can be programmed to heat your facilities thoroughly while workers are present. After everyone has clocked out, a smart thermostat will automatically stop using heat. If you want first shift workers to have heat before they arrive, these systems can warm up shortly before they arrive.
  3. Ensure Commercial Air Filters are Replaced Often

    All buildings need to have internal air filters regularly changed. Whether it’s a home or company, it’s important to keep air filters clean. These filters work to trap and collect allergens and other contaminants you don’t want floating around. In addition to having cleaner indoor air, changing air filters regularly places less strain on your commercial HVAC system.
  4. Replace Insulation Throughout Building

    You’ll also want to consider checking the condition of your building’s insulation. In older buildings, insulation can become worn down and in desperate need of replacement. While thinking about having insulation installed might overwhelm you, you’ll likely receive much lower energy bills in the future.

In conclusion, there are many ways that you can potentially lower your commercial energy bills. Understandably, commercial natural gas usage is something extremely important to monitor. In fact, statistics show that natural gas comprises nearly 25% of all energy used throughout the United States. Therefore, it’s important to consider partnering with a commercial natural gas supplier. These professionals will help ensure that your building is able to provide adequate natural gas in an efficient manner.