4 Inplant Office Solutions to Improve Your Warehouse


Warehouse space is always limited.

Regardless of how big the area is, different types of equipment and product parts always have a way of crowding the place. And if you consider the space occupied by your warehouse office, the warehouse can become suffocating.

One crucial factor in improving your warehouse operation is to keep it organized. This includes the position and type of warehouse office as well.

Using inplant office solutions can help you cope with the demands of operating your warehouse.

Here are four different configurations that a modular office can provide, effectively boosting your warehouse operations:

1. Panel Modular Office

A single panel inplant office is the most common and basic of all warehouse office configurations. If you want a simple and economical office, this is the one for you.

It may look so simple but it’s not lacking in flexibility, though. This modular office can be easily modified so that it matches your requirements. You can choose to go for a three or four-wall system to suit your floorplan. Panels are usually consisting of gypsum boards, each having a polystyrene core.

This is a great option if you want a warehouse office to hold meetings or perform other office tasks. It doesn’t require too much effort to build and design.

2. Two-Story Inplant Office

A warehouse is not two-dimensional only. A modular in-plant office that extends the floor place upwards can help you maximize your space. It allows you to double the area of your office by adding another floor on top. This is a great choice if your warehouse has high ceilings.

As with any other warehouse offices built using warehouse partitioning systems, the two-story inplant office can also be customized easily.

Compared to traditional offices, this is far easier to construct. You can easily open a new room by removing a wall panel, allowing for bigger space. It’s a great feature that allows you to have a conference room on the fly. If you need additional space, you can easily remove a portion without compromising the entire structure.

3. Mezzanine Type of Office

Another configuration for warehouses with high ceilings is an inplant mezzanine office. Your warehouse office will not be taking too much floor area since it’s raised. It only needs small floor spaces for the foundation to sit on.

This type of office is best if you’re lacking room on the ground level to accommodate it. Since it’s modular, you can easily add space underneath in case it gets freed up.

Mezzanine in plant office is perfect for supervisors and managers, giving them a better aerial view of the entire warehouse operation.

4. Modular Office with Storage Roof

This is a mezzanine office in reverse. Instead of raising the office to provide storage space underneath, the storage area is located on the roof. The modular construction is in no way flimsy: the storage load capacity is 125/sf as per code requirements.

This modular office is a great design option if you want to segregate important equipment from the rest of the items in your warehouse.

Since it’s modular, you can easily relocate and redesign it. Changing the layout can be done faster and easier compared to traditional office construction.

This in-plant office with a storage roof option helps to increase productivity in the office as well. The roof allows you to effortlessly store extra boxes and products easier.

Why Go with Modular Offices

Modular offices are not just about customization and design. They’re also made of sturdy materials that can cancel noise from warehouse operations. This allows your office workers to focus more on their tasks.

The comfortable and clean workspace allows the supervisor and employees in top efficiency while being close to the area of operation at the same time.

Aside from soundproofing, modular offices also have high insulation material to keep the temperature comfortable inside. Your HVAC will not be working too hard to keep you cool or warm. The panels are also fire-resistant which is especially crucial for warehouses dealing with combustible materials.

Choose the Right Type of Inplant Office for Your Warehouse

You don’t need to compromise the are in your warehouse if you go for an in plant office. Best of all, this type of office is easy to construct and relocate, allowing you to be flexible in meeting the demands of your warehouse operation.