Do You Know the Difference Between Offset vs Digital Printing?

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Do you know the difference between offset vs digital printing? Do you care? Well, here are some interesting facts about the differences. Early promotional printing methods were not considered economical until the 1800s, so methods to advertise service and products were scarce. The original offset press was developed in two versions. Robert Barclay of England developed a method of printing on tin in 1875, while Ira Washington Rubel of the United States developed a method to print on paper in 1903.

The question of offset vs digital printing came to be as computers entered the printing arena. Digital printing became prevalent as the computer technology advanced, providing the technology to use digital methods of printing, rather than the ink and paper methods of offset printing. Thus, the offset vs digital printing conundrum.

Offset print produces clean, sharp images and type because it can adjust the amount of ink placed on the paper through the use of screw keys. This adjustment ability controls the amount of ink that is placed on the fountain roller. Digital printing places digital based images directly on various types of media without the use of traditional inking techniques. This method allows quick printing services.

Offset vs digital printing also brings economics into play. In certain instances, digital print is less expensive. However, the end product should be considered. Offset may be a better option if it is a high quality, sharp clean piece that is desired. This is a good option to make brochures for high end products and services.

The question of offset vs digital printing may continue for a long time, as long there are different needs for different types of printing. Check with your printing professional for more answers about offset vs digital printing.