3 Commonly Used Printed Circuit Board Types

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Printed circuit boards are utilized by a wide array of industries. Throughout the past 30 years, printed circuit boards have been placed into the majority of traffic lights across North America. In fact, statistics show that the global market concerning printed circuit boards is expected to reach an estimated value of over $72 billion by the year 2022. Considering that, many companies work with a prototype PCB assembly service to have their ideas or designs made into printed circuit boards. It’s understandable to wonder what the differences are between some of the most utilized PCBs. With that in mind, here is more information concerning three co

What Are PCBs and Why Do We Need Them?

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Printed circuit boards (PCB) are used in most electronics and represented a big jump in technology when they were first introduced. IPCandrsquo;s World PCB Production Report says that in 2012, the global market for the small components reached almost $60 billion, this was a 1.7% increase over the year before. That number is just going to grow and more and more products use PCB technology. All of this underscores in the important role prototype PCB manufacturing plays in modern life. Who can really live without their devices?

What are prototype PCBs? Simply put, they are Printed Circuit Board samples or an experiment, if you will, to route out potential perfor