Could Medical Marijuana be Helping the Homeless? Believe it or Not, it Just Might!

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The opinions on medical marijuana consulting and use vary greatly from person to person, but as much as this medication can help individuals, can it help people on a larger scale? According to a small town outside of Denver, it can. Aurora is a small suburb of Denver, and the town is using its sales tax revenue from medical marijuana operations to help the homeless.

Aurora set aside nearly $1.5 million for city projects such as this, and is dividing it up among different organizations to help people throughout the city. Apparently medical marijuana doesn’t just help people on an individual level!

Now, you may still be skeptical when i

American Weed How the Medical Legalization of Marijuana in Some States Created a Genuine Investment Opportunity

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Marijuana has had a troubled history in the United States that is just now starting to change. The states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska have legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana use; 19 other states have legalized medicinal marijuana use; numerous other states have decriminalized certain amounts of marijuana possession — the United States is progressing towards what may be determined as a national legalization of marijuana within a few years time. Surveys have shown that around half of the U.S. population have tried marijuana at some point and seven out of 10 Americans believe that alcohol is more harmful to the health of individuals and the safety of society as a whole. Like it or not, marijuana is changing in the U.S.

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