Why You Should Choose Trenchless Technology

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Sewer pipe repairs

Everyone complains about construction. It’s a hassle. It slows down the flow of traffic creating traffic jams, blocks exits and entrances to freeways, hinders business access to buildings and just plain makes it difficult to get anywhere. But, it makes our city better, doesn’t it? If no construction ever took place, the city would fall to pieces given enough time. What if you could have it both ways; minimal construction but still have the work done that is necessary? Well, it’s true. Trenchless technology is exactly that. Also known as the ‘no dig’ method, this technology allows for less construction for a shorter period of time.

Trenchless Methods
This way of working allows for the installation and replacement or renewal of pipes and sewer lines that are underground without having to

Seven Ways Trees Can Damage Your Home

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Trenchless drain repair

A large, old tree can be an appealing attribute in a new home, appreciated for its shade and simply for being beautiful. That positive impression can distract from the dangers a tree can present to a home by multiple avenues. Although there are residential and commercial services to assist with trees that become a hazard, the first step is knowing the risks. For home and business owners with trees on their property, it is important to be understand what to observe and be prepared to manage, so below are seven potential ways a tree can cause damage.

  1. Foundation Damage: Contrary to popular belief, trees cannot puncture the foundation of your home on their own. However, they can sometimes worsen existing cracks to the building by growing into them. This is what led to the mista