Why You Should Choose Trenchless Technology


Sewer pipe repairs

Everyone complains about construction. It’s a hassle. It slows down the flow of traffic creating traffic jams, blocks exits and entrances to freeways, hinders business access to buildings and just plain makes it difficult to get anywhere. But, it makes our city better, doesn’t it? If no construction ever took place, the city would fall to pieces given enough time. What if you could have it both ways; minimal construction but still have the work done that is necessary? Well, it’s true. Trenchless technology is exactly that. Also known as the ‘no dig’ method, this technology allows for less construction for a shorter period of time.

Trenchless Methods
This way of working allows for the installation and replacement or renewal of pipes and sewer lines that are underground without having to disrupt the surface to much. There are two different types: pipe bursting and pipe lining. They both require only one or two holes to be dug in order to snake the new pipe through. Here are some benefits to trenchless technology:

  1. The Time Factor
    Without the need of a lot of digging and excavating, sewer line repair can go by a lot quicker. Regular methods can take days or weeks to finish depending on what kind of repair they are doing. The trenchless method allows the repairs to be completed in less than a few days. For smaller repairs it could take only hours to complete. This is a real selling point with homeowners. Many have stated they would willing pay for something like this that can be done quickly without any fuss or rerouting of traffic for that long of a time. A short period of rerouting, as in a matter of hours or a day or two is livable, but weeks and weeks with no end in sight is unacceptable.
  2. The Cost Factor
    It actually is a lot cheaper than traditional methods. There is less labor involved, less equipment and less time so this all equates out to less cost. Trenches can be a pricey way of doing this but without having to dig those trenches, all the work and resources are minimized making the whole project a lot less expensive than a traditional trench digging method. This is one of the most attractive things about this method. Normally the better method is more expensive but not in this case.
  3. The Landscape Factor
    Another reason why homeowners said they would be happy to pay for the no dig method or the traditional method is because of how it preserves their landscapes. There is no need to go digging up the entire length of the pipe now. Sometimes, homeowners have experienced construction workers have to dig through the actual house in order to get to a pipe. Well, this method avoids that altogether, allowing homeowners to keep their homes, views, yards and land intact throughout the entire process.

  4. The Clean Factor
    Most workplaces and houses have sewer lines that run right underneath them and around them. Digging up the lines causes filth and stench that can really ruin the atmosphere of the area.Not having to deal with that is one of the best reasons to pick a trenchless method. Once something has gone down the sewers, there should be know chance that it will show its face to the public ever again!

  5. The Quality Factor
    The pipes that are used for trenchless pipe repairs are called ‘cure in place’ liners. Other than that, a full replacement pipe can be used which is a seamless polyethylene piping. Both of these materials are of a much better quality. They are free of any joints or seams that would allow tree roots to grow through the pipes and crack them. These new pipes do not corrode either or rust like many other common pipes.

  6. The Functionality Factor
    The trenchless method actually improves the sewer systems way of functioning. These new pipe liners increase the flow capacity and if even more is needed, a bigger pipe can replace the old one, giving it all the benefits of the material mentioned above as well as a much higher flow capacity.

Only good things really can be said about this method of sewer line repair, so next time you are in need of a pipe repair, remember the trenchless method.