4 Considerations to Make When Purchasing Rigging Items

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Wire rope sling

It’s extremely important for a work site to remain safe. You’ll want every worker to utilize the proper safety clothing as well as utilizing the proper equipment. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when it comes time to order rigging items. However, following a few precautions will help to ensure that all rigging work goes as smoothly as possible. Considering that, here are four important considerations to make when purchasing rigging equipment.

  1. Make an Accurate List of Materials Needed

    Before a project begins, it’s important to have a list of every item you will need. You might think that it will be easy to remember a few important items. However, you don’t want one forgotten sling to hold up your project. For instance, Continue Reading

Crane Safety Can Help Your Construction Business To Be Much Better Off

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Industrial lifting devices

While chain slings are constructed typically out of high strength steel alloy designed specifically for the industry, it does not mean that you can forgo the idea of crane safety if you would like to keep your employees, your equipment, and your reputation intact. Back in the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci sketched what would seem to be the first ever steel chain and today, chain slings are the best type of lifting chains for the most rugged and demanding of conditions such as what is needed by steel mills and foundries. However, if you are not practicing proper crane safety for your business, then you are simply rendering the benefits of using the best lifting gear for the job completely useless.

In order to impart proper crane safety, you will need to teach your employees a lot of different things including rigging safety training, and fall protection training. By showing them all aspects of what it takes to operate a crane, your employees will have more opportunities not only to shine, but to protect themselves when they are on the job. This should ultimately equate to higher productivity which in turn should raise up your reputation and help you to win more bids. All the while, you can feel confident that your crane safety program will keep everyone on their toes so that they know exactly what needs to be done in order to work with the equipment properly and keep everything safe.