Which Pump Dispensers Should You Choose for Your Restaurant?


If you are a restaurant owner or you’re buying supplies for a restaurant, you may wonder which types of condiment dispensers might be best. In this video, viewers can review several choices of condiment dispensers. First, you must decide whether you prefer single or dual condiment dispensers.

Those dispensers would feature small spouts to squirt the condiments.

This may make it a convenient type of dispenser for clients who may want both condiments. The dispensers will continue to offer the dispensation of only ketchup – or only mustard if that is the client’s preference.

You will be able to make decisions to help narrow down your choices. One of the first considerations is to consider what condiment you want to dispense. The thickness of the condiment may help you determine the dimensions of the spout you will want to have available for your clients.

According to Fermag, stainless steel is typically the best for restaurant condiment dispensing. Stainless steel will keep the condiments in a hygienic state. There are several types of dispensers. You may want metal dispensers with dual spouts; your clients would be able to have ketchup and mustard side by side. Make sure you take a look at this video to see which dispenser is right for you.