Donating Clothing to Charity is a Great Way to Start the New Year!

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Clothing donation

We just can’t seem to stop ourselves.
Even though the last week has been full of presents from immediate family members, gifts from colleagues at the office, and gift certificates from relatives and neighbors, we still wake up On New Year’s Day wanting to get to the mall.
Undeterred by the full parking lot, we just can’t avoid rummaging through sale racks advertising 50% off current reductions. We buy more pants, we purchase more shirts, we collect more shoes.
This year, however, we promise it will be different. When the shopping frenzy and gift opening have finally come to an end, we promise that we will take the time to clean out our closet’s and drawers and get rid of the items that we no longer use. In fact, this year the promise is that for every new item we receive or purchase we will get