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Increase Worker Engagement and Happiness With Employee Recognition Programs and Unique Plaques

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It can often be challenging to choose just the right gift to show recognition and acknowledge someone for their service. The same applies to memorable occasions such as when a colleague receives a promotion or retires. Plaques, however, can be an ideal gift for these and other occasions. This is because plaques can be hung on the wall or set on a desk, table, or shelf. As a result, these thoughtful gifts will be a constant reminder to someone that they are appreciated and respected.

Companies that have employee recognition programs tend to have more productive and happier workers. A recent study showed that 86% of the companies with these types of programs reported that their employees were happier. Furthermore, a 2015 Psychometrics study also found that employee engagement could be imp

Five Tips to Increase Employee Morale

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Is employee retention one of the most significant worries you have about your business? With approximately $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover, this is a real concern. High retention rates can be expensive and inconvenient. These tips will help you reduce your employee turnover rates.

Recognize your employees for the good work they do
Most employees are familiar with constructive criticism but do not often receive any recognition. When an employee goes above and beyond for the businesses purpose, it is important to recognize it. Creating a workplace recognition program can be especially beneficial. Even having employee of the month programs and rewards can give employees the recognition that they deserve.

Always look for new candidates