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How Consumers Can Make a Difference for the Environment By Avoiding Plastic Packaging

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Clam packaging

Do you consider yourself an environmentally-friendly person? What about with your purchases? How often do you go out of your way to purchase products that are environmentally-friendly or that use packaging that doesn?t harm the environment? It can be difficult to commit to purchasing products that are socially conscious, but it needs to happen sooner rather than later. If we all make the decision to work harder toward this goal, the world will be a better place.

Interested in learning more about how packaging affects the environment and the changes you can make in your purchases? Keep reading for information about plastic and why choosing made in USA clamshells and customizable packaging solutions/options can benefit the Earth.

How Plastic Harms the Earth Over Time

Believe it

Are You Looking for a Way to Donate to Hurricane Harvey Victims?

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Clothing drop off locations

Purple Heart donation pick up centers around the country will become increasingly busy as the nation prepares to find ways to make sure that they are able to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. From the hurricane winds that hit the coast to the ongoing flooding throughout more than 50 counties in the state of Texas, the value of charitable donations will be even more evident. As families, who have lost virtually everything, try to find a dry place for shelter, it will take the efforts of Purple Heart donation pick up centers and other wounded veterans charities that will help meet the needs of those who have suffered the most.
In times of disaster it takes an entire nation’s

3 Advantages of Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Services

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Parking lot sweeping prices

The cleanliness of a parking lot and nearby streets is important for many reasons, including customer satisfaction, a reduction in business liability, and to better the environment. Many businesses fail to consider professional parking lot sweeping services. This can be a mistake, especially in larger cities with much more foot and mechanical traffic.

How clean streets improve customer satisfaction
Customers expect the businesses that they frequent to be clean and free of debris. This is an expectation for both the interior and the exterior of the business. If the inside is dirty, they are unlikely to visit again. If the exterior is dirty, they may feel hesitant to park their vehicle or to stand outdoors, thus further hurting the chances of a return. Continue Reading