3 Advantages of Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Services


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The cleanliness of a parking lot and nearby streets is important for many reasons, including customer satisfaction, a reduction in business liability, and to better the environment. Many businesses fail to consider professional parking lot sweeping services. This can be a mistake, especially in larger cities with much more foot and mechanical traffic.

How clean streets improve customer satisfaction
Customers expect the businesses that they frequent to be clean and free of debris. This is an expectation for both the interior and the exterior of the business. If the inside is dirty, they are unlikely to visit again. If the exterior is dirty, they may feel hesitant to park their vehicle or to stand outdoors, thus further hurting the chances of a return. Street sweeper trucks allow for the collection and removal of papers, leaves, and other visible debris that collect in the curb gutters. Parking lot sweeping services ensure that the parking lot and nearby roads are constantly ready for a customer satisfaction.

How parking lot cleaners reduce business liability
Dirty and filled parking lots can be a safety hazard for both customers and employees. If a customer or employee is harmed on a property, they can legally sue the business for not properly caring and cleaning for their parking lot. If an incident occurs on the nearby sidewalks, the city could be sued as they are responsible for providing clean and clear sidewalks for pedestrians. While some business owners may be hesitant to pay for DC commercial sweeping and DC street sweeping, the cost is minimal when compared to high costs of a liability lawsuit.

Why parking lot sweeping services are important to the environment
The pollution on sidewalks and parking lots can have a significant negative affect on the environment and local air quality. Parking space related pollution in the United States adds up to between $4 billion and $20 billion in health and environmental damage costs annually. Some cities, especially those with high industrial business counts, produce an even larger amount of pollution. Examples of pollutants generated in urban areas include oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from automobiles, nutrients and pesticides from turf management and gardening, viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems, road salts, and heavy metals. These harmful pollutants run from the parking lot into the city?s water ways and cause a lot of damage to the environment.

How parking lot sweeping services can help
Professional parking lot sweeping services can help reduce the pollutants and troublesome debris that makes it into commercial parking lots. However, it is important to have it removed regularly. Once it builds up, it has already become a problem to the environment and customers have likely already noticed the problem. Businesses that are located in smaller cities without many parking lot sweeping services can still have a clean parking lot with a street sweeper rental. Renting a machine every couple of weeks is a great way to keep up with the parking lot maintenance.

Dirty parking lots, streets, and sidewalks can be extremely troublesome for a commercial business. Not only do customers tend to stay away from businesses with too dirty of exteriors, but the dirty parking lot is also harming the environment, air quality, and can become an expensive liability. It is best to schedule street and parking lot sweeper services at least, once per month. Commercial businesses in larger cities may need it more often.