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Are You Considering Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Home or Business?

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You finally had to confess.
Every time that your friends come over they are amazed at how clean your house is. In fact, your friends say that no matter what time of the day they come to your house it always looks great. Even when they come unannounced, they marvel at how the place is picked up, organized, and nearly spotless. Your friends are always curious how you can possibly be at all of your daughters’ school events, make it to all of the meetings at both school and church, and still keep your house up. Your friends also know that you substitute teach quite often, and have a few writing students who you tutor.
After months, heck, years, of hearing these questions and comments you finally make your confession. Your friends seem shocked, but then relieved, when you tell them that for the las

When Was the Last TIme That You Needed to Fill a Prescription?a

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Patient Number One You could complain about your body betraying you; however, you are very appreciative that you at least have episodes that schedule themselves around your work. Missing school is always difficult, and after a minor heart attack in August that required you to get the care that you needed over the summer, you later found discovered your blood pressure gets very low on occasion. After being admitted to the Intensive Cover Unit, the doctor’s release orders included pushing fluids and actually adding a little salt to your diet.
Last weekend, you discovered you are suffering congestive heart failure and are now on a fluid pill and low sodium diet. The doctors also discovered that the 85% arterial blockage below your left clavicle makes the blood pressure in your arm