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Increasing Business Profits With After Hours Answering Services

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Have you ever attempted to call a business to ask a question about a product you were interested in? What happened if you received a voicemail message? It is likely that you hung up. You might have tried to call again, but if you still did not get a live person, then you probably moved on to another company with a similar product. Customers do not give new businesses very much time. They expect their phone call to be answered on the first try. They expect their webpage to work on the first click. When these things do not happen, businesses lose customers.

It is also not realistic that a small business can be available every hour of the day, every day of the week. This is especially true for online shopping businesses or businesses that extend their services across state lines. A small busin

Four Reasons That Startups are Turning to Virtual Offices

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Meet Sally. Sally is an entrepreneur and feels confident that her startup will be the next Google or Apple one day. But, just as Bill Gates came from humble beginnings and started Microsoft out of his garage, Sally does not have the capital to put together a fully furnished office to conduct business in. However, her clients and investors won’t take her seriously if she tries to conduct business from her kitchen table. What should Sally do?

Sally should consider using virtual office packages. Virtual office packages offer business owners the best of both worlds: they can work work remotely (in their pajamas if need be) when they need to, but they also have access to a receptionist and an “office address” that give them credibility with clients. When business owners need a nice Continue Reading