Four Reasons That Startups are Turning to Virtual Offices


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Meet Sally. Sally is an entrepreneur and feels confident that her startup will be the next Google or Apple one day. But, just as Bill Gates came from humble beginnings and started Microsoft out of his garage, Sally does not have the capital to put together a fully furnished office to conduct business in. However, her clients and investors won’t take her seriously if she tries to conduct business from her kitchen table. What should Sally do?

Sally should consider using virtual office packages. Virtual office packages offer business owners the best of both worlds: they can work work remotely (in their pajamas if need be) when they need to, but they also have access to a receptionist and an “office address” that give them credibility with clients. When business owners need a nice office space to conduct important meetings, they can select virtual office packages that include conference room space. Virtual office packages basically provide startups who don’t have the funds to create a nice, fully furnished office for themselves the benefits of having one, without the cost.

If virtual office packages seems like a good solution for your business but you’re still on the fence about it, consider a few other reasons business owners are opting to use virtual office packages:

Four Reasons That Startups are Turning to Virtual Office Packages

  1. Cut your commute time to zippity zap.

    When you run your own business, you wear a lot of hats. You might be your marketing army of one. You might be your own account manager and sales team. Your administrative assistant is probably you. Every minute of the day you probably have a laundry list of seventy things to do.

    When you’re able to work from home, without having to get yourself into business attire for the day and then commute an average of thirty to fifty minutes each day, you add hours to the time that you can be productive for your business.

  2. Your employees will burn through less sick time.

    When your employees are working remotely, they have increased flexibility to fit their work into their lifestyle, not the other way around. When they need attend an event at their child’s school, they can go to it, and get their work done when they’re done. When they have doctor’s appointments or other important events that can only be conducted during business hours, it doesn’t cut into the productivity that they get done for you. In fact, when they’re waiting for the cable guy to show up, they can still work just as they normally would, instead of calling in with a fake illness, as they would if you didn’t use a virtual office.
  3. Expand your geographical reach.

    Let’s say the nature of your business requires you to have a physical presence to clients in Japan. And Germany. And Mexico. And Jupiter. Setting up full offices in all of your key cites would be an astronomical cost, and paying for five different leases would take an enormous chunk out of your bottom line.

    Instead, you can can set up virtual offices in the countries or cities that need a physical office. Your employees who would be working out of these offices (if you had real offices) can work from home, other than the times they need to meet with your clients there.
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  5. Lower overhead.

    It’s probably a no-brainer that when you rent a virtual office instead of a physical office space, you save yourself thousands of dollars every month in rent. However, the savings that it gives you are far-reaching. You don’t have to pay for electricity in the office space that you don’t rent. You don’t have to pay for maintenance or insurance on the commercial space you don’t rent. You don’t even have to pay for complimentary coffee for your employees in the break room. Heck, you don’t have to pay for a break room.

    And double bonus, this also increases your sales. While you reduce your overhead costs, you’re able to convey that savings on to your clients. The lean rates that you’re able to offer your clients because you don’t have pay for free coffee in the break room gives you an edge against your competitors, and increases your sales.

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