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Hotels, Hospitals, and Kitchens The 3 Areas Most at Risk For a Fire

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Ever since its discovery fire has been used to enrich human lives providing warmth, light, and safety among its many utilities. For all of the good that fire can do, it also has the wild potential to destroy indiscriminately. For all of our modern knowledge and technology, fire still causes significant property damage and loss of life every year. Kitchens, hotels, and hospitals are some of the areas where fire can spread the easiest; here are some facts on the biggest fire hotspots across the nation.


Since fire lead to the introduction of cooked foods, it seems to be a no-brainer that kitchens are at an increased risk for fire

Are Your Customers Tired of Shopping Online? Why Corrugated Displays are Driving Realtime Sales

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Although many digital retailers still believe that a sale is over once the customer makes payment on a product, more online business owners have come to a different conclusion. Customized shipping boxes and innovative retail packaging design are rapidly becoming an essential detail for both online and in-store marketing campaigns. Studies show that customers make purchasing decisions based on visual cues: custom printed corrugated displays can have a lasting impact on customer opinions and buying patterns.

Printed retail packagin