Why Your Business May Need a Fire Watch Patrol Service


Does your business rely on welders or large furnaces to accomplish daily tasks? Is your facility located in an area of increased fire risk? Business owners should know that they are responsible for the safety of their employees while they work. And when their work puts them around fire hazards, extra safety precautions may be advisable.

One way to improve your facility’s fire safety is to hire a fire watch patrol service. These services send out personnel similar to security guards, but their role is to keep businesses safe from fires instead of bad actors.

Video Source

The video posted here lists quite a few duties that fire watch patrol personnel undertake. They receive thorough training in fire safety, so while they patrol a facility, they look out for signs of increased fire risk. Those signs include signs of small fires and of fire hazards. They inspect fire safety equipment, keep exits clear and functional, and stay alert to signs of smoke, increased heat, and dangerous behavior.

If your business has had more than its fair share of fire-related workplace injuries or incidents, you may save time and money by hiring a fire watch patrol service.