Why Private Charter Flights Are the Best Business Choice


There are a lot of benefits to flying privately. When you think about private jets, you probably think that, as with many other things in life, it’s better to own your own executive jet than to get an executive jet charter. The truth is that the cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining your own personal executive jet can be so prohibitively expensive that much of the time it’s a far better investment to just charter a jet when you need one. And whiel commercial flights might seem like a good deal for business travel, there are some good reasons private flights are superior.

What Does it Cost to Own a Jet?

Buying one will set you back at least $3 million and possibly ias much as $100 million. The real expensive of owning a private jet, however, isn’t the initial cost, but the upkeep. Flying and maintaining an executive jet privately can cost between $1 million and $4 million dollars every year. In fact, most experts would tell you that owning a personal aircraft is usually not a wise financial decision. Jets begin to depreciate from the moment they’re purchased, just as cars do, and maintenance is even more important with something flying around in the air that it is with your car. Whenever you are not using your jet, you’re still paying for it. There are hanger fees, enormous Insurance premiums, and the cost of paying a crew to always be ready to fly.

Why Fly a Private Jet at All?

Upon hearing this, you may wonder why you should fly privately at all. Why not simply take commercial flights? There are many reasons what you might choose to fly privately. A 2009 survey found that people were 20% more productive on their company aircraft than they were in their own offices. For many people, private travel means there’s no chance of being late, and you arrive at your destination in the best possible shape both mentally and physically. Flying commercially means a huge possibility for delays and no chance of arriving rested and refreshed. Furthermore, private jets leave whenever you say. With the commercial flight, you’re tied to their schedule. Private jets are also able to land at more airports than commercial jets are permitted to use, so it’s easier to get close to your destination. Private jets typically include Wi-Fi access, fax machines, and many other of the amenities a person is used to around the office. This makes it possible to move seamlessly from the office to destination, losing as little work time as possible.

What’s the Answer?

If there are so many benefits to a private jet, but owning your own executive jet is too expensive, what’s the answer? The best answer is to hire a private jet charter. Instead of paying for just a seat as you do on a commercial flight, you pay for the entire plane. However many people you choose to take with you, the price stays the same. This means that a flight on a charter plane from Boston to Atlanta that costs $6,000 isn’t as costly as it seems. If you’re taking a team of eight at $700 a head for a commercial flight, you aren’t saving much, if anything. With a private executive jet charter, you’re guaranteeing everyone arrives on time, with all their luggage, and in good spirits. When compared to owning your own executive jet, private flights still come out the winner. You can have all the luxury you want, yet you only pay for the specific flight and not for the constant upkeep, insurance, and hanger fees for a plane you’re only using on occasion.

A private jet charter is one of the best ways to travel, especially for business. There are ways to save money on private jet flights, but when compared to owning a jet or to taking a commercial flight, private aircraft flights still come out as the best deal. If you need to travel often for business, look into an executive private jet charter that services your area and see how much better business travel can be.