Why Packaging And Labeling Matters More Than You Might Realize


When it comes to products, from protein powder bags to clear pouch bags, packaging matters an incredible amount. After all, the average grocery store here in the United States will hold as many as 20,000 different products all within the scope of that one store. It makes sense that a good deal of these products would be in direct competition with one another. Therefore, making packaging and labeling that stands out is truly an absolute must.

And the way that products are packaged and labeled can have a big impact on consumer purchasing habits. After all, more than 60% of all shoppers will take the time to read a label before they actually buy a product. Labels can certainly give some important information, from nutrition information to ingredient lists and more. In some cases, labels can even include a bit about the company itself, something that more and more people are becoming more and more interested in as time continues to pass on. For many people, an insufficient label will lead to a great deal of hesitancy in purchasing any given product, no matter what that product might be, from protein powder bags to organic tea packaging and coffee packaging.

Tea and coffee packaging are a great example of the need for good packaging and labeling, as both products are quite immensely popular all throughout the country. After all, more than half of the adult population of this country actually drinks coffee each and every day, with the average person drinking just over three total cups of coffee in this very same span of time. But not everyone likes the same kind of tea and coffee – or can even drink the same kinds, due to things like caffeine levels and other such ingredients.

Consider, for instance, black tea, perhaps the most popular kind of tea not just in the United States but all throughout the world as well. However, black tea has a fair amount of caffeine, making green tea a better option for those who are sensitive to caffeine or who shouldn’t drink a lot of it for any other reason. After all, green tea tends to have only just 20 or so milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz cup – and no more than 45 mg of caffeine at the very most. Clear labeling of products such as tea and coffee products is essential for those who are looking to limit their overall caffeine intake for whatever reason.

Of course, packages like protein powder bags must also be clearly labeled. After all, protein powder bags and their contents must be used responsibly. For instance, instructions on proper age of use is a must for many protein powder bags, as the contents of these protein powder bags should not be ingested by anyone under a certain age. In addition to this, the nutritional content information on protein powder bags is also essential, as most people using these protein powder bags are very likely to want a clear cut answer surrounding the nutritional benefits of what these protein powder bags contain.

And even packaging for dog food and other types of pet food packaging are quite hugely important, all things considered. After all, pet owners all throughout the country want to ensure that they are giving their pets the best of the best. Pet food packaging can also detail various important facts like storage instructions. Without storage instructions, pet food can easily become unsafe to feed your pets of all kinds. Ideally, canned food will be kept in temperatures that do not dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit but also do not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit at the very most. On most cans of cat and dog food, these instructions will be very clear – as they should be.

From protein powder bags to valve sealed bags to even (or especially, depending on the person who is reading this) custom printed coffee bags, the power of packaging is clear. After all, packaging is hugely essential to just about everything that we buy, drawing our eye in and compelling us to take a second look – and hopefully put the object in question into our carts. Packaging also provides vital information.