Why Do Businesses Go Through Corporate Restructuring?


Businesses that find their current way of doing business challenging and not meeting financial projections. This often leads to restructuring. In many cases, the business may be in debt, and their restructuring service can recommend ways a corporation can reduce debt, enhance operations, streamline workflows, and find other ways of limiting financial obligations and thereby improve the business. The following video will provide more information on the benefits of restructuring to help business owners determine if this is a good option for their company.

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Should You Consider Restructuring?

Many companies have found that restructuring their failing business can breathe new life into it and help it become financially stable. According to Investopia.com, during restructuring, a company will look for ways to become more solvent. In many cases, companies will consolidate their debt in a way to pay bondholders. Other times a business will cut payroll costs and sell off portions of the business that are not showing a profit.

Improving Performance with Organizational Restructuring:

ChangeManagementInsight.com states that restructuring can increase a company’s efficiency because it can streamline internal processes, reduce redundancies, improve innovation, introduce new business strategies and internal personnel changes.

Here are some key reasons why some companies decide on structuring.

  • Implement cost-reduction projects. This may include reorganizing departments and personnel functions, outsourcing some operations, consolidating team members’ roles, and reducing staff.
  • Increase efficiencies. The more efficient operations run, the more productive and profitable the company will be.
  • Introduce new products or services. Adding new offerings is a common reason for restructuring. This often leads to new departments, responsibilities, and functions for the current or new staff.
  • Change in leadership. This is a key reason for restructuring. A new leader may want to change how the company functions to align more with their vision and goals.
  • New technology. As technology changes, many companies struggle to keep up with the technology that will make them more productive and at a lower cost. Many reorganize to purchase the equipment and train personnel to leverage the technology.
  • Buyouts: Nearly any acquisition can lead to changes in the organization’s structure, how it operates, and its key objectives.

As you can see, there are many reasons for companies to restructure. There are many benefits to restructuring, but it can be a difficult process to negotiate, and seeking the assistance of an expert restructuring service can help managers prepare their team, garner new excitement for the new entity, and embrace the changes the organization needs to make.


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