What to Know Before Becoming a Plumber


Are you thinking of becoming a licensed plumber? If you take the time and invest it in this venture, you’ll be on your way to a lucrative yet fulfilling career with a promising future.

Before taking the plunge, though, you should understand fully what these professionals actually do. Apart from installing, repairing, and testing pipes and other fixtures in residential homes, they also do these tasks in commercial establishments and factory buildings.

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While you may often picture them working under sinks and in enclosed spaces in homes, they also work outside. Plus, they have a very important role on job sites, including writing estimates, interpreting blueprints, determining material requirements, and troubleshooting issues with malfunctioning systems.

Also, think about how much you can make from this career. In the United States, the median wage for these professionals in 2020 was around $56,000. But employers may offer those with extensive experience and qualifications a higher salary, especially when there is great market demand.

The qualifications you need to have are not that high, so you can easily start with this career. You don't have to worry if you don't have a college degree because it's not required in this profession. You can be qualified if you have a high school diploma or equivalent and are physically fit to perform the tasks.

Watch this informational video by Roger Wakefield, where you’ll discover what it takes to become a plumber.