What to Expect From Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning


This video shows CVC demonstrating how to perform a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service. It shows technicians in the kitchen covering equipment. They are removing the covers on the exhaust vent.

Video Source

Next, they show all of the pieces of a commercial kitchen exhaust, which includes showing how dirty it becomes.

From the outside, technicians remove the top of the vent and wash down the inside of the vent. They are using power washer hoses and scrubbers. They also use a cleaning solution on the vent. They show how these tools blast away dirt, grime, and oil. The video shows before and after images of the vent.

Technicians on the inside are using houses to clean the inside of the exhaust and kitchen. Using the same high-powered hoses and scrubbers with cleaning products, the technicians clean the inside of the exhaust. The wash and clean the covers of the vent. In the video, they are scrubbing and wiping all areas in the kitchen. Once everything is washed and cleaned, they dry all of the equipment by hand.