What is Zoning in Real Estate?


There are a number of rules and regulations when it comes to real estate. Real estate law can be a complicated matter which is why many people have a real estate attorney help guide them through the process. In this video, you will learn about real estate zoning.

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Zoning is a set of rules that real estate owners and developers must adhere to. Local governing bodies typically zone areas as a part of city or town planning. The idea is to designate certain areas to fulfill certain needs and create structure. For example, you wouldn’t want factories in the middle of a neighborhood. Therefore, there would be separate zones for industrial and residential buildings. Other typical zones include commercial, recreational, and historical. These zones allow cities and towns to function smoothly. However, this means that anyone in real estate must be familiar with their zoning laws and regulations. Zones can limit the size of a building, use if signage, and even the number of parking spaces. To further complicate the matter, some buildings may fall into multiple zones which makes them a split-zone building. As you can see, it can really help to have a professional guide you through these hoops.