What is Carbon Fiber and What Is It Used For?


What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a very strong, lightweight material made up of thin crystalline carbon filaments. It’s highly resistant to chemicals and can withstand high heat. All these traits make it a very popular material in the manufacturing world. They use it to make items for the military and the aerospace and automotive industries.

How is Carbon Fiber Made?

Carbon fiber manufacturing begins with taking long strands of fiber and exposing them to high heat without oxygen exposure. This heats the strands without allowing them to burn and is where the carbonizing of the strands takes place. Once the majority of non-carbon atoms have been expelled from the strands they are wound together to create the strength and durability that the carbon fiber design is known for.

What is Carbon Fiber Used For?

Carbon fiber can be used to make just about anything from bike frames to the wings of a plane. It’s incredibly diverse. Many different industries choose the carbon fiber product design, because it’s so durable and lightweight.

The bigger industries that use it are the aerospace, automotive, military, and aircraft industries. When they need lightweight structures that can still withstand extreme conditions, carbon fiber design is an ideal choice. Plenty of sports good companies choose carbon fiber for their products as well. Things like archery arrows, golf clubs, and tennis rackets are sometimes made with it.

It is a very diverse material and can be formed into all kinds of different shapes and objects.

How Strong is Carbon Fiber?

To put this answer simply, carbon fiber is stronger than steel. It’s tough stuff and it can hold up to a lot of pressure. This might be surprising considering how lightweight it is, but it has to do with the way the strands our wound tightly to create a stronger material.

For any industry that needs a material that is versatile, strong, and lightweight, carbon fiber is the answer. It does tend to be more expensive than other options, but considering its lasting power it will most likely pay for itself over time.