What Do Customers Look For In Real Estate? It’s Time To Revamp Your Digital Approach


Real estate these days is seeing a massive shift.

Contrary to popular doomsday scenarios predicting the fall of the housing market, the reality is quite the opposite. More couples, families and individuals than ever are embracing the art of owning a house, seeking out real estate agents across the country to get the advice they need to get started. When you need some technology to help you keep up with demand? Look no further than CMA software for realtors. While owning a house is quite old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean your methods have to be. With the aid of a cloud stream you can keep up with trends, cross-reference with competitors and keep your marketing in the green.

Let’s see how CMA presentations and CMA software for realtors can help you help others.

Where is everybody moving to, anyway? While we all boast different tastes and lifestyles, some areas have proven more popular than others over the years. Whether it’s a thriving downtown culture turning heads or an affordable housing market spreading the word, there’s always a deeper reason for you to dig into. The top 10 most valuable metropolitan areas in the United States are worth a collective 35% of the total American housing stock. That’s as much as $11 trillion. As you can see, there’s a lot of money to be found in a handful of places alone!

Real estate software can seem entirely out of your league. Even comparing and contrasting studies can leave you in a tizzy. Back in 2016 homeownership was at the lowest point the United States has seen in over 50 years. The next decade, however, is expected to see 80% of residential growth happening in suburban communities. Data provided by the National Association Of Realtors saw a little over half of buyers aged 36 and younger searching for their homes online. Technology goes hand-in-hand with our perception of the world and nowhere is this more clear than just trying to find the right house.

Back in the day people would read the newspaper or visit a house in-person before making the plunge. Nowadays all someone has to do is take a virtual tour of a home to get a good idea of whether or not it’s a good fit. Millennials and Gen Yers made up nearly 35% of home buyers back in 2017, a number that’s only going to get higher from here. A recent study only pushed the importance of good technology in today’s real estate market, finding a stunning 95% of consumers stating design over content as the main reason they felt comfortable on a website.

When it comes to the right technology, investing in smart CMA software for realtors and adding a cloud mix into your strategy will save you a lot of trouble. That’s because you need to be able to juggle multiple obligations at once while still meeting the increasingly high demand of your consumer base. According to the Census Bureau, the median sales price of new houses sold back in 2018 were $325,000. Nearly 20% of all homes sold just a few years prior were purchased for investment purposes. With so much money to drop, and so much money to gain, this extra effort will really pay off.

CMA software for realtors is designed from the ground up to compliment your marketing strategy. This means providing a relevant marketing analysis to inform your purchasing decisions and helping you keep up with trends as they come. The housing market regained some of the loss from its infamous 2008 crash, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be extra prepared. CMA presentations can also be provided to employees and partners to keep everyone on the same page. When in doubt? A blend of the old and new is a reliable solution.

Real estate changes more by the minute. Change with it with the aid of CMA tools.