Ways to Soundproof an Office Cubicle


Office settings can be a challenge to work in, because you are often so close to other people. You can hear them on the phone, hear them typing on their keyboard, and even hear it when they’re sick and coughing. All of these noises can be very distracting from your own work and make your day more stressful than it needs to be.

There are ways to help soundproof both full offices and office cubicles. While the latter can’t be fully soundproofed, you can still mitigate a great deal of excess noise by following some simple tips and tricks, or by investing in soundproof booth.

Cubicle Wall Extenders

Something that will help keep out more noise is investing in taller cubicle walls. You will probably have to clear this step with your boss first, but it’s a good way to keep out excess sound. It creates more of a barrier between you and the cubicles around you, lowering the amount of noises that make it to your office space.

Soundproof Paneling

You can also install soundproof paneling on your cubicle or office walls. These acoustic panels will not only block out sound from around you, but it well help contain the noise you make so that you don’t bother your coworkers. If you can get everyone around you to join in then everyone will have quieter work environments

A Private Phone Booth for Office Spaces

This idea might be a little harder to get your boss to agree to, but if you can get them on board then you will be working more peacefully than ever. Investing in a soundproof office booth is a great way to cancel out all extra sound and have your own space. The ability to build a phone booth office space will help to boost your productivity, which is a great way to present the idea to your boss.

You will without a doubt need to speak to your boss about any noise issues you are dealing with and come up with a plan together that won’t get you into trouble. You can present them with research on how quieter work environments effect productivity and mood to convince them to invest in a private phone booth for office spaces all over your building.