Understanding Google My Business


A business’s online presence is important. That’s why you should know how to manage a Google My Business account. Check out this video to better understand your Google My Business account.

Businesses with a Google My Business account make it easier for people to find a business. This service also leads to better leads and conversions, which increases overall revenue.

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Customers can also leave reviews on Google for businesses regarding services and products, which can increase exposure.

Businesses with Google My Business accounts can respond to reviews, which can build better relationships with clients and allow a business owner to respond to a particular concern if needed. For instance, owners can respond directly to negative reviews in hopes of finding a solution that works for everyone.

The stronger a business’s online reputation, the more likely others are to trust the business for themselves. By actively managing this account, the business is getting a boost in Google’s rankings in the local area, which provides a competitive advantage over others in the same market.